生活防水でバッテリーも持つらしい、e-paperディスプレイ搭載の Pebble smart watch !!


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で書いた 『I'm watch』 が有名だけど、残念ながら発売延期でまだ流通していない。


Pebble smartwatch raises $100,000 in two hours, retires on a beach -- Engadgeth"はてなブックマーク

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology — Kickstarterh"はてなブックマーク



Q. How long does the battery last? A. The rechargeable battery keeps Pebble going for 7+ days.

Q. Does it have a backlight? A. Yes, Pebble has a backlight to view the display at night.

Q. Is it waterproof? A. Pebble is now water resistant, at least enough to go swimming, run in the rain etc. You can fully submerge Pebble in water. We're working on getting the actual certification level settled (3ATM, 5ATM, etc). This is in response to your suggestions!

Q. How does it charge? A. We include a special USB cable. You can charge Pebble using your computer or any wall USB charger.

バッテリー持続が7日間USB充電防水(Water proof)バックライト装備

日本語対応はどうせしていないだろうけど、別に着信チェックが主な使用用途だろうし、I'm watchを予約してしまったことが少し悔やまれるなあ。